Rise to the Sky – Let Men Drown With You

An emotional core is far from a new concept when we take any form of doom metal into consideration, but there are few styles that are able to even hold a torch to the powerhouse of soul-touching heaviness that the world of death/doom constantly brings forth in full force. It’s a style that elicit all sorts of emotions that we bury deep within to hopefully never confront again, but death/doom is nothing if not consistent in bringing them to the surface. My relationship with the style has only been getting better and better for years now, and it’s with the likes of Rise to the Sky that it’s only getting better.

Personal loss is something that we all go through, and when you take those very real emotions that constantly weigh the soul down and put it into a monstrously heavy performance the likes of which death/doom is always good at bringing to light we’re almost always guaranteed a work of music that is practically tear-inducing. That’s very much the scenario we find ourselves in with the latest offering from this Chilean act whose personal loss I will not discuss here, but to say that it had a massive impact on the crafting of this record would be greatly diminish everything that both went into “Let Me Drown With You” and all that the record itself is. While the whole of this record definitely feels like it’s pulling a little bit of everything from many sources throughout the underground realm of death/doom (I even found myself feeling like this is some unintentional collage of what goes into acts like Sun of the Dying and Clouds), the extremely personal factor of these nine lamentations truly allows “Let Me Drown With You” to become not just another addition in the growing scene that it finds itself in. Rather, it proves as an irrefutable fact that Rise to the Sky is slowly becoming a need-to-know name that can very well become the name to know when it comes to Chilean, or even South American as a whole, death/doom much like how The Grief is to Ireland’s scene or Officium Triste to the Netherlands or even My Dying Bride to England.

There’s true power to behold in this effort as Rise to the Sky provides us with a constantly stunning flurry of emotionally primed riffs, crushing heaviness, and passion to likes of which always elevates this style to become the very best that it can be with Rise to the Sky absolutely delivering a performance to edges close to such a bold description. Every facet of “Let Me Drown With You” takes the style to the very core of what it has always been, and if the band’s exponential rise in every category from one album to the next is anything to learn from then it should be clear that “Let Me Drown With You” is just the first of many great chapters in the discography of Rise to the Sky.

“Let Me Drown With You” releases on March 12th!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Let Me Drown With You” on Bandcamp here.

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