Dødsferd – Skotos

If you were to ask me to name some modern bands in the world of black metal that have left a profound impact on the style in some form or another whether or not any of the bands are widely known, Dødsferd would absolutely be one of the first acts I’d have to put down. The Greek act has been dolling out fiery works one after another for a very long time now such that the act should definitely be considered a pillar of Greek black metal, and a proper follow-up to its last full-length album has been highly anticipated by many, myself included. While it still will be some time before we get that full-length, Dødsferd has still graced us with a morsel of blasphemy to carry us over until then.

When I say morsel, I mean a greatly satisfying sliver that is still fantastically delicious in its own right without question but it is almost purposefully scant to make us itch for another bite since this is that raw, emotional black metal that many of us have been wanting to sink our teeth back into at some time with very few being able to bring it to life, but it’s clear yet again that Dødsferd was able to bring it to life gloriously. “Skotos” is teasingly short. Just two tracks is hardly enough to leave a lasting impression much less have the general capacity to leave the listener feeling satisfied, but it’s with a runtime of not even 10 minutes that Dødsferd shows to us without falter that they are ever restless with new material constantly being made and self-improvement is one of many goals that they always achieve going from one work to the next as if that isn’t inherently obvious from just looking at their history. Built off of riffs, undeniable blasphemy, the desire to consume all light in the universe, and leave you a pathetic husk that can only survive off of more Dødsferd, “Skotos” packs much more of a punch than what many full-lengths from other bands are capable of providing with this band’s expertise really getting its chance to show off just how gripping it is on a regular basis from these Greek staples. Whether you gravitate more towards the straightforward bludgeoning driven by bass that is “Cursed To Die At First Light” or the emotionally charged, harrowing experience that is “Skotadi”, this small but immensely deadly EP is more than enough to scratch the itch of any one of who are simply squirming to hear for more Dødsferd, and I’d be downright criminal to insinuate that anything other than success has been achieved here.

This is far from the most vicious or even emotionally-scarring material that we’ve seen from Dødsferd in its decades-long run has a true hallmark of Hellenic black metal, but I cannot sit here and tell you anything other than how fucking stellar this EP is for all that it accomplishes in just two tracks with it being just the smallest of steps in the grand journey that Dødsferd has found themselves taking since their inception. “Skotos” perfectly fits the definition of a morsel, but in every form it is a tantalizing morsel that acts as the perfect appetizer for everything that Dødsferd will bring forth with their next entrée of a full-length whenever it comes around. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

“Skotos” releases on May 14th via Transcending Obscurity Records, and Fucking Your Creation Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Skotos” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Dødsferd on Facebook here.

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