Voidfire – Ogień Pustki

Should I dig into some melodic black metal, it is absolutely paramount that it does more in order to become a truly noteworthy record of its kind. There’s nothing wrong with some straightforward melodic black metal, but a band that can take an album above and beyond to make it so much more is always worthy of commendation. When I first stepped into the work that Voidfire has crafted here, I had no idea what I was in for.

Already sporting the fantastic art from the grandmaster of the surreal, Zdzisław Beksiński, is to show that you mean business as a band, but you need to immediately prove with your music that you deserve to sport such a fantastic artwork. Melodic black metal is not the sort of thing that I’d expect to see paired with such a visual, but I’ve been surprised before and to say that Voidfire’s debut work is more than fitting to be paired with such a legendary artist would be underplaying the grandeur of this work amazingly so. Apart from the obvious melody that’s at play here that “Ogień Pustki”, Voidfire has a ton of excellence to throw around at a moment’s notice whether it’s in the form of haunting atmospheres or scathing black metal that lights the very sky on fire in an instance, and it’s at every turn where possible that this band capitalizes wherever they can in such a way that constantly left me in awe as each song progressed gloriously. It truly leaves you in a unique sense of awe as Voidfire constantly spoils us with dazzling lights and magnificent atmospheres such that by the end of “Ogień Pustki”, you’re left craving that other-worldly spectacle yet again as it’s infectious on a level that only music like this can definitely but only if it’s given the proper treatment. And, if you haven’t been able to tell yet, Voidfire definitely gives it the proper treatment.

Like I said, it’s always a band that can take an album above and beyond that is worthy of commendation, and it goes without saying that Voidfire has become far more than worthy of note with this album alone that shows us they can be so much more than just a simple melodic black metal band. It’s with “Ogień Pustki” that they push the style to great lengths that are more than delectable for any single fan of the style to eat right up, and I’ll be damned if this record fades into eternal obscurity like it doesn’t deserve at all.

“Ogień Pustki” releases on February 28th!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Ogień Pustki” on Bandcamp here.

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One thought on “Voidfire – Ogień Pustki

  1. Both, the spiritus movens of the whole project Jakub Zdzienicki (compositions, guitar, bass guitar) and the lyrics author – Jakub Lisicki are just 18 years old

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