Hyperborea – Umbra

In order to create some world-class death metal, you really need to know what you’re doing right from the beginning in order to craft something that can easily be called as such. You can’t just stumble upon making something like this great as it has to be carefully made piece by piece, and it’s with their latest offering that Hyperborea clearly understood that and tackled the challenge with loads of aptitude and talent.

Some of the best works of the style have got plenty of ferocity, at least a little bit of melody, and a great sense of musicianship that permeates every member of the band since no single instrument can carry a truly solid record. Hyperborea is far from an act that’s new to the scene, but it’s here with “Umbra” that they show us unquestionably that they know exactly what they’re fucking doing as it’s the moment the intro track ends that they hit like a truck with so much force that your ears are ringing in the most delicious fashion all the way to the very end of the album. Across every single song that’s given to us throughout “Umbra”, Hyperborea engages the listener with tremendous force that’s always going but then it’s the occasional riff that busts through the wall with so much excellence to be had in every note as each track is calculated assault that is not to be underestimated. This record is surprisingly infectious right from the get-go as Hyperborea clearly knows what they’re doing along every step of this record such that every song has something awesome to call its own and stand strong all on its own because of that, but brought together it’s “Umbra” that is amazingly undeniable in its power as Hyperborea has created a real tour de force of modern death metal that’s not to be fucked with in any capacity.

This record has got virtually everything you could ask for out of a record of its kind in this day and age, and I can only see this already deadly work being improved upon by this clearly knowledgable band that isn’t messing around. “Umbra” is the third full-length effort from Hyperborea and I truly don’t hope we have to wait as long for their next effort as we had to for this one.

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LISTEN to “Umbra” via YouTube here.

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