LeatherFrank – Dark Forest

A good few songs are sometimes all a band needs in order to show us that they’re far from anything to be ignored. Even just one song at the right time can show a band’s worth, and by the rule as much as four can truly impress. So long as they do both the band and the style justice, there’s nothing but good that can come from their power. LeatherFrank definitely understood such as they crafted their debut album of just four tracks, and every note is worth dissecting because of how scrumptious they all are.

In a style as seemingly oversaturated as psychedelic rock, it can be easy for a band to find themselves copying others when they intended to do everything but, and it’s the bands that can make themselves stand out from the rest even if it’s only by doing things ever so slightly different. I won’t spoil what LeatherFrank does ever so slightly different as I really do think that this is the sort of classy psych-rock that needs to be heard almost immediately given the caliber that every song off of “Dark Forest” brings to the table is gripping right from the beginning, and LeatherFrank knows how to capitalize on every feasible moment of it. There’s a delicious sense of psychedelia that permeates all four songs that we’re treated to here and it’s with every single moment that LeatherFrank brings to the table that we can see on this promising debut that this act impresses. So many other acts try very much of the same thing time and time again as a tried and true formula can definitely be repeated, yes, but, a little variance can go a long way. “Dark Forest” definitely strays from that path ever so little and it’s by the end of this record that we emerge from the forest which LeatherFrank has kept us going in blissful circles for the duration of this entire album, and it couldn’t have been any sweeter.

The realm of psychedelic rock rarely gives out bad products, but it can be a little stale at times, admittedly, despite many bands trying to do something different with the exact same formula, and that’s why I really thrive on albums like “Dark Forest” when they come around. Almost without effort on their first try, LeatherFrank impresses where some veterans fail, and it’s with their future that I find myself incredibly interested in.

LISTEN to “Dark Forest” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE LeatherFrank on Facebook here.

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