Colosso – Apocalypse

I’m usually the kind of guys that like my death metal to be grand and having tons to sink my teeth into as the more there is the more excellence it has to pass around at a moment’s notice. Colosso never really struck me as the type of band to become a force to be reckoned with despite their reputation getting better and better with each passing effort that they smashed out. It was until today, though, that I thought that. It’s with their interesting upcoming effort that 2020 isn’t just getting off on the right foot for me, but Colosso promises to get exponentially better as they go along.

I also never considered Colosso to be the type that would incorporate a central idea into any given work. Granted, any band can make it a successful attempt if they know what they’re doing and have the proper amount of talent and capability to pull off something even if it’s not incredibly ambitious. What’s brought forth with “Apocalypse” is an idea that many of us have heard of at some point: the four horsemen of the apocalypse. That also means only four tracks are brought forth for this piece, and that’s truly the only downside I can find hear as, by the time this album comes to an end, I simply wanted more! “Apocalypse” is way too short for being as good as it is and Colosso knows how to make each and every track last and feel like it harnessing the very power of the biblical figures right from the beginning to end. Each track is not only named after each of the riders, but there’s also a different voice for every single song that’s on display with “Apocalypse”, and Colosso’s craft as musicians really shine here as they reigned in three extra vocalists from the likes of Oak, Bleeding Display, and Analepsy to create a listen that’s as dynamic as it is unrelenting. It’s all brought together such that each song as its own incredibly distinct flavors that exemplify how capable Colosso is as a unit, and “Apocalypse” is just the crowning moment to showcase that in every possible way, and this effort shows us that this band is not only just thinking forward but also progressing their sound into something that is truly not to be fucked with whether it’s in the form of some technical prowess or straight forward riffage that doesn’t fuck about.

Like I said – the only downside to this grand display of power is out short it is, and I can all but guarantee that if you let Colosso properly take you then you’ll be dying for more by the time this effort comes to its end what feels like all too soon. “Apocalypse” covers every single excellent base that it possibly could’ve, and it fucking shows whether it’s in the form of pure musicianship or raw power!

“Apocalypse” releases on February 24th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Apocalypse” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Colosso on Facebook here.

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