Black Roze – Spiritual Hell

It’s been some time since there was any sort of rock album that could even be considered to have anywhere near a pop-esque feel to it that was actually worth any bit of its own salt. Mother Feather is easily the only band that comes to mind when I think of bands like that which I’ve come to enjoy quite thoroughly, and while Black Roze didn’t blow me away by any means it’s with their first full-length that we see a very valiant and respectable effort laid forth.

If I were to sit here and say that I just simply didn’t enjoy what “Spiritual Hell” has to offer I’d be telling a very crude and unnecessary lie simply because Black Roze has created an album here that is far from new and even a little stale in very few moments, but it’s far from anything to scoff at. For the great vast majority of this record, Black Roze demonstrates tremendous energy and vocals that have a pretty good sonic range to them that can always keep you guessing as to where they’ll take you next, and then the instruments themselves do a damn good job of presenting rock that is damn catchy to say the least. “Spiritual Hell” is quite an interesting listen for anyone who wants some rock that cuts no corners and doesn’t bullshit around, but there are some moments where it does feel quite dull, but I attribute that more towards how the band doesn’t have much material out as a unit so their sound isn’t as refined as it could be. Still, it’s quite damned close no matter how you slice it. Plenty of what Black Roze brings to the table here is a lot of what many rock fans are looking for in something to listen to, and this album brings it in absolute heaps.

There are plenty of moments throughout this record that feel quite rigid or even clunky, but it’s the greater parts of “Spiritual Hell” that really shine through as they truly shine like stars which speaks volumes for what this band is truly capable of. While they could easily be passed over by those who don’t want to put in the time to investigate, Black Roze produces a record that’s more than worthy of any fan’s time who wants to simply have a good listen.

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