Year of the Cobra – Ash and Dust

Bandcamp has long been instrumental for people like me who are constantly searching for something new and good to listen to as the website is more than perfect to search for your next favorite band. It’s been many times in the past few years that I’ve been pointed in the way of Year of the Cobra, but I’ve never found myself enjoying them as much as other people have been. That is until today when I sat my ass down determined to get into their latest offering, but it didn’t even take me to the end of the first track to know that this album was something different.

Keep in mind, it’s not that I didn’t enjoy what Year of the Cobra has been putting down for years now, it’s just that I always felt they just missed the mark for me. Far from forgettable and downright interesting right to the last note, there’s a spirit that permeates everything that Year of the Cobra crafts that naturally sparks interest and it comes to a true peak with “Ash and Dust” in such a way that compels me to do no less than just fall into what has been created here for us to enjoy as it’s nothing short of spectacular. The eight tracks that are lain down here are the exact kind of works that are why many come into the realm of stoner rock for the quality here with “Ash and Dust” that’s no less than immaculate. The vocals are amazing and tight in such a way that they keep you entranced every moment they’re going on for, and then the surrounding instruments only further enhanced them with their own greatness which is, easily, the best factor of what Year of the Cobra brings to the table here as it’s potent right too the core. It comes together in an amazingly diverse set of tracks that ultimately sets “Ash and Dust” leagues above plenty of the other competition to put it lightly. This is only my first piece of Year of the Cobra that I’ve found myself enamored with, but now it’s with this album alone that I am all but compelled to go back through their catalog to find what I missed before.

Such a work like this is not common enough in a scene that already has a ton of excellence to throw about, and it’s only fitting that one of the best known and one of the most well-regarded names in the scene should deliver something as potent as what “Ash and Dust” has resulted in being. There is no doubt whatsoever here that Year of the Cobra will be considered one of the best bands to have graced the scene by the time we look back on it at the end of the year, and it’s no surprise that this album will be considered as one of the peak performances.

LISTEN to “Ash and Dust” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Year of the Cobra on Facebook here.

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