De Profundis – The Blinding Light of Faith

 Ever since extreme metal has been a thing, there has always been a sense of anti-religion or even just a simply distaste for anything having to do with modern religion. It’s been a terrific topic to convey plenty of brutality, intensity, and a decent stomping ground for bands to prove their might with a topic that can be incredibly poignant. Going on for thirteen years, De Profundis has been a name to know in the underground but it’s with their grand upcoming record that they bust in with guns blazing with their target being all-too-familiar.

To start out as a doom metal band then slowly progress into a style that’s more closely related to death metal than anything else is quite the feat that not many bands at all can pull off, but that’s precisely what De Profundis has done in their thirteen-year long career of carving paths hewn from flame and bone. With nothing but absolutely skill and a delicious display of power that death metal simply can’t get enough of, De Profundis delivers a stupendously vicious set of eight tracks in the form of “The Blinding Light of Faith” with no less than blistering ferocity and masterful craftsmanship the likes of which can’t be ignored. The United Kingdom has long been the home of great metal acts, but it’s De Profundis that really shows the underground metal world what the country is made of, and “The Blinding Light of Faith” does it in glorious fashion. Every single track is either a pure onslaught that never lets up, a calculated front on the concept of religion, or a methodical and melodic slab of death that is simply scrumptious to make these eight pieces of death metal tastiness something that absolutely must be experienced more than once. In no small form, De Profundis has made a truly special record here and won’t take long into the first spin to realize the genius behind it all.

Sure, the theme is one that can often be run into ground when it’s not put in the right hands, but it takes one amazing effort to bring it back to greatness. That’s precisely what De Profundis has done with their latest slab of heaviness, and it’s something that fans of death metal will eat right up immediately upon hearing it in its monstrous beauty. “The Blinding Light of Faith” isn’t a record that you can just brush off without thinking about it, and its awesomeness is destined to become a cult classic without a doubt.

“The Blinding Light of Faith” releases on May 10th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “The Blinding Light of Faith” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE De Profundis on Facebook here.


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