Nòtt – s/t

 Throughout my time in doing these reviews I’ve noticed that black metal is incredibly over-saturated in that for every style there are literally thousands of bands that perform it. Atmospheric black metal is especially guilt of this as it’s easily the style of black metal that I’ve listened to the most without even meaning to.  I’ve discovered some great bands out of the style, but sometimes it can become tedious as I’ve also heard some pretty lack luster groups. Nòtt is far from the latter, and this one-man band fucking delivers with his debut effort!

You can only do so much with five tracks, and I’ve always preferred having more mainly because that gives me more content to sink my teeth into, but it can always been remedied by having the available content incredibly delicious all the way through. That’s precisely what Nòtt does with the five tracks of his eponymous debut, and it’s armed to the teeth with all the wonderful elements of every great atmospheric black metal album. Nòtt has the capacity and the skill to bring together more metal than atmosphere for most of the time, but he doesn’t shy away from bringing a sense of dissonance into the mix that doesn’t only show his music can flow like water but have plenty of intricacies that keeps the debut alive to not let the material become stale. That’s something not easily done, but Nòtt does it with pure excellence in every moment of this album that in the end results in a spectacular debut effort that’s not to be scoffed at.

It’s very easy to fall back into the crowd of the rest of the genre by not bringing anything new or special to the table, but Nòtt responds to such a challenge with sheer quality. This debut is very promising from start to finish, and I’ve little doubt when I say that Nòtt will return with a triumphant effort that’s sure to silence any doubts that surround this tasteful act.

“Nòtt” releases on April 27th via Ossian Records!

LISTEN to “Nòtt” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Nòtt on Facebook here.


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