Eyes of the Sun – Chapter I

 Bringing together doom and sludge metal has been a practice that has garnered many fans from all over as it’s special flavor of heaviness has always been alluring to people far and wide. It’s something that almost never gets old as the two styles fit so well together and you can mold it into many different forms to suit many different tastes. Eyes of the Sun are far from the first to do an especially volatile concoction this way, the resulting album is still incredibly potent and extremely delicious to eat up!

The art of starting off softly and then following up with a series of intense sucker punches is something that can’t be done enough as it’s so fucking satisfying pretty much every single time, and Eyes of the Sun clearly understands that as “Chapter I” is a fantastic build-up and packs one fucking hell of a wallop with tremendous timing. Throughout all of these eight tracks, Eyes of the Sun delivers time and again a flavorful experience that sticks very true to the core ideals of sludge-filled doom metal as “Chapter I” treats us to an adventurous experience that even provides a tiny bit of psychedelia to spice things up, and it all piles up to create a very entertaining listen that not many albums are able to deliver with such potency. The entirety is a true roller-coaster as Eyes of the Sun keeps every drop of this record fresh, never repeating the same sound twice, and it results in an organic listen that few bands are able to achieve with such flavor coming out in the final cut. Yet, Eyes of the Sun does it with loads of style and showing us they aren’t fucking around with “Chapter I”. It’s a vicious yet calculated display of power that shows they’re a cut above the rest, and they’re out to prove it.

I can only hope that “Chapter I” will mean there will be subsequent chapters to come in the future because I’d be more than happy to eat them right up one at a time as they come out. Eyes of the Sun show plenty of brilliance with this record, and I’m positive it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“Chapter I” releases on March 16th via Blacklight Media Records!

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LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Chapter I” on Bandcamp here.

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