The Sarcophagus – Beyond This World’s Illusion

 There’s not much to say about the blasphemous genre that is black metal, especially if you’ve heard it before. It’s gone through throngs of changes stylistically to make it one of if not the most diverse style of all metal. But there’s nothing wrong with barely changing the original formula and going head first into the inferno. That seems to be the mentality that The Sarcophagus had making their new record, and it is brilliantly unholy and awesomely sacrilegious.

In order to really grasp how much hellfire and brimstone The Sarcophagus absorbed to create this record, all you’ve gotta do is simply look at that horrifying cover art. It’s so putrid, vile, and wondrously macabre that it is all but a perfect illustration to coincide with “Beyond This World’s Illusion”. Every single thing about this record does nothing but justice for the modern state of black metal as it’s got all the “stereotypes” and is one of those records that perfectly fits the image of what raw black metal has made for it. In nine tracks, The Sarcophagus creates a blistering experience the likes of which all fans of the genre can get behind with little to no trouble as “Beyond This World’s Illusion” is an absolute treat. It’s got that absolutely scathing brutality that’s as if the music itself peeled off your skin, dumped acid on it, then rubbed in some table salt, but add some excellent musicianship the kind that can only be found in black metal, and in that explosively toxic concoction comes out The Sarcophagus with “Beyond This World’s Illusion”. This record culminates in something that all fans of the genre are accustomed to and have most likely heard in some form, but it’s just one of those things that you simply can’t get enough of.

The Sarcophagus show with this piece that they aren’t fucking around, and that they know precisely what they’re doing from start to finish, top to bottom, and side to fucking side. It’s a taste and an overall sound that I’ve heard before, but holy shit does the formula still work even after decades of it being done and it’s bands like this that make it as strong and brilliant as it is today! “Beyond This World’s Illusion” truly does take you past this plane of existence, and throws you into another realm that is far more menacing and full of absolute horrors that will never leave your brain, and holy fuck is it awesome!

“Beyond This World’s Illusion” releases April 4th via Satanath Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track on Bandcamp here or below, or stream the full album via YouTube here.

LIKE The Sarcophagus on Facebook here.


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