Gruesome – Fragments of Psyche

 The legendary Flordia death group of Death has undoubtedly left its mark upon the world of metal, and its reverberations are still felt very strongly even today. The best tribute to come out in the last few years to my knowledge is easily Gruesome who takes their love for Death to glorious extents. With their new EP, we get a taste of what Gruesome are what they’ve always been about and always will be.

In reality, the whole of “Fragments of Psyche” has only one piece of brand new original material: the title track. And it’s a damned good one at that. It’s nothing we haven’t seen from Gruesome before, and I’m okay with that simply because this band has shown over the last few years that they know classic death metal in ways some bands can only dream of. Heavy, quick, and unrelentingly brutal that both shows the modern spirit of death metal is very alive and well, and that Death’s legacy will live on eternally. And as if to support that last statement, “Fragments of Psyche” even has a cover of Death’s classic piece “Choke On It”, and it’s a pretty immaculate cover if I do say so myself. The remainder of this EP, though, contains strictly demos of previous songs that Gruesome has already become known for. That, obviously, is nothing new and stuff that’s been out for a while now, but I’ve always appreciated seeing how well a band sounds without or with little studio magic. In the case of Gruesome, it does nothing but strengthens my respect for the band for the demos don’t sound all that different from the finalized studio versions meaning that Gruesome truly does have a sound that is actually quality and doesn’t rely solely on studio magic to make it bearable for the masses. In that regard, “Fragments of Psyche” really allow us to see behind the curtains a little bit into the talent and minds behind Gruesome as they continue to impress.

Gruesome has always been one of the more recent death metal bands to have come out that’s always managed to make people’s heads turn, and there have always been ample reasons as to why. I’ve always wondered what the actual next era for this band, and “Fragments of Psyche” gives us a delicious peek into what that could sound like as well as reminding us where Gruesome comes from which is always a good thing to do. This EP is nothing to scoff at and is, if nothing else, a very solid reminder that the wheels in the minds of Gruesome are always turning and we don’t have to wait long before seeing their next gory piece.

“Fragments of Psyche” releases on March 31st via Relapse Records! 

LISTEN to two advanced tracks on Bandcamp here.

PRE-ORDER “Fragments of Psyche” via iTunes here.

LIKE Gruesome on Facebook here.


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