Lunar MGC – Planet Geisha

 By far the most entrancing style that I’ve ever come across while doing this review bullshit has easily got to be psychedelic rock. Mainly because it grabs every single part about the human imagination in ways that takes to whole new realms. And some bands can do that without vocals to change up the formula, and Lunar MGC is one of the few bands braves enough to both attempt such a feat and then proceed to fucking nail it.

To take the human consciousness to another plane of reality is a feat that not many bands can say they’ve accomplished, but it happens so often with psychedelic rock that it’s fucking ridiculous. However, that doesn’t mean every band of the genre is a good one, which makes a discovery such as Lunar MGC all the sweeter when you stumble across it by complete accident. Taking just barely under a half hour of our time, Lunar MGC’s latest helping that is “Planet Geisha” truly does take us on a trippy adventure to another world where the psychedelia flows like water and the euphoric feeling is all but eternal. And as I said, there are no vocals whatsoever with this album, and that in it of itself always provides another layer to the music that shows the band in question doesn’t have to rely on some guy’s voice to carry them – nope! Just pure musicianship here and all the talking comes from the plucking of strings and beat of the drums is all you’ll find here. Nothing else quite like it and Lunar MGC pull it off magnificently well in the six tracks that make up “Planet Geisha”. It’s got plenty of riffs, loads of euphoric rhythms, and an electric presence that is ever so sweet to experience no matter how many times you experience it.

The more I search for it, the larger the scene that is instrumental psychedelic rock becomes. I love it, I think it’s great! It’s so interesting to see such a specific style that seems extremely daunting in every aspect have plenty of bands that feel they’re up to the challenge, and it works out for the absolute best in the case of Lunar MGC. “Planet Geisha” is a record that I will absolutely be crawling back to every so often, and if you want to drift back and soar the astral plains then I suggest you do the very same.

LISTEN to “Planet Geisha” on Bandcamp here.

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