Conceived By Hate – Death & Beyond

a1943432840_10 Little beats that feeling of good death metal. I don’t mean another cookie cutter band to make its way out of Gothenburg or some jackasses who want to copy and paste bands like Cannibal Corpse and slap a new name on it. I mean that good, original, visceral death metal that breeds in the underground of the world. Coming from the country of El Salvador of all places, Conceived By Death does not disappoint with their unique brand of the ol’ death.

From the cover art alone, you can just tell there’s something not right about Conceived By Hate, and as someone who isn’t exactly a stranger to death metal it struck me in all the right places as it immediately brought me into the music itself. And as if we needed any extra proof that this band isn’t messing around, the nine tracks we get with “Death & Beyond” are nothing short of fucking brilliance. Invoking the real old school attitude of the genre, Conceived By Hate channel all their inner demons and darkest imaginations in this album to go alongside their ridiculously vicious energy and downright nasty themes to really bring the death out of death metal with this album. All of “Death & Beyond” is a powerhouse and excellently brutal time that if you’re any sort of fan of the genre, you’ll get infinite kicks for what these guys have laid down and it will surely pay off with the rotting riffs, callous vocals, and guttural beats that do not allow the dead to rest for even a split second. And god-fucking-dammit is it delicious!

I understand that there’s an innumerable amount of younger death acts out there that supposedly do their best to take you back to the old school of death metal, but where many fail time and again it is Conceived By Hate who’s risen and proven with one album alone that they’re more than worthy to be one of the more recent bands to carry on the spirit of the genre. “Death & Beyond” is a monstrous slab of death metal that should you be wanting to see what the remote reaches of the scene has to produce, this is one piece you better be sure to investigate.

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