Sorrowful Land – Of Ruins…

a3509003805_10 I’m as much of a fan of the absolutely fucking crushing intensity that doom metal can pump out that can also be slower than the line at the DMV, but every now and then calls for a change of pace. Perhaps a little bit of atmosphere and less crunch to do the trick? That’s what Sorrowful Land has done with its debut album, and this one-man band shows with one solitary record alone that the mastermind knows precisely what he’s doing.

Being the sole member of a band is a fairly tricky thing I’d imagine. As someone who couldn’t play an instrument to save his goddamn life (and go figure, I judge other peoples’ music, weird) it’s unfathomable to me that someone can learn how to play guitar, bass, drums, and then even fucking sing then manage to throw it all into one cohesive piece. Then I see pieces like “Of Ruins…” which, if I’m honest, is literal leagues from other pieces I’ve heard from one-man groups, but it’s also very far from being the worst. Clocking in over 45 minutes in total, Sorrowful Land doesn’t skimp at all for those doom fans out there looking for the decently lengthy tracks with the shortest being no less than over six minutes and the longest over ten. Yet if you’ve come looking for some heavy as fuck doom metal that’s like that of the funeral variety, I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere because while “Of Ruins…” brings a good, solid crunch to its mix it’s not crushingly heavy that some people such as myself look for from time to time. Sorrowful Land brings a good atmosphere to the record as well as plenty of pacing so you don’t feel like you’ve been in the same place for too long, but in no way does it damper the overall experience of this record. Simply, a good time from a band that shows plenty of promise.

I always like seeing what fresh new bands manage to put out, and then finding out that it’s something interesting is even better because then I want to see where the band can go, and that’s what I want with Sorrowful Land. “Of Ruins…” showcases boatloads of promise and if this very nice debut has anything to show, it’s that the man behind this record has much more to behold.

LISTEN to “Of Ruins…” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sorrowful Land on Facebook here.


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