Tardigrada – Emotionale Ödnis

a2657076776_10 I sat down to look for an album today to talk words about and I was in the mood for black metal. No weak shit either I mean stuff that’s as aggressively in your face as it is spine chilling. Luckily, we have Bandcamp and the selection is understandably staggeringly massive. Little did I know I would stumble upon a debut album that would simply blow everything else I heard just before out of the fucking water. That album is Tardigrada’s “Emotionale Ödnis”.

The first thing I noticed with “Emotionale Ödnis” is how every other track starting with the intro were interludes that didn’t extend much beyond two minutes a piece that all turned out to be magnificent pieces of an instrumental atmosphere. Meanwhile, the actual songs that actually feature vocals don’t drop even below eight and a half minutes which begs the question of whether or not Tardigrada has the capability to hold the listener’s attention over an extended period of time. Short answer: damn fucking straight they can! “Emotionale Ödnis” tempts you in with a haunting and melancholic atmosphere only to quickly through you into the world that was built from said atmosphere composed of chilling riffs and beats along with vocals whose shrill shrieks sound like the death howls of some dying entity far off in another plane. Tardigrada makes the entire album one hell of a roller-coaster, as well, with each instrumental song flowing into the next while at the same time building upon the foundations of its predecessor to make shit much darker, filled with tons more sorrow, and then the sheer musicianship that “Emotionale Ödnis” demonstrates is the likes of which is ironic to come out of Switzerland, a nation who’s known for being eternally neutral in times of distress. In that regard, Tardigrada hit the ball way out of the fucking park.

If you’re the kind of person who likes your atmosphere and your black metal but has always wanted them to stay in their own respectful corners, I can happily tell you that what you’re looking for is something close to if not precisely what Tardigrada has made. “Emotionale Ödnis” is a glorious slab of black metal that is not to be taken lightly, and as a debut album it sets the bar extremely high for anything Tardigrada does in the future, but I’ve got the utter confidence they’ll once more fit the bill.

LISTEN to “Emotionale Ödnis” on Bandcamp here.

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