Inter Arma – Paradise Gallows

a1569848030_10 Never before has any band come in with so much on the table that if you’re not prepared for it you’d be in one of the biggest fucking shock you could find in the metal world today. Inter Arma, since their very first album, have been pushing the boundaries of metal itself, and anyone who’s heard them before knows that to be a fact. And with each record they just get exponentially better, so when they announced “Paradise Gallows” you could hear the simultaneous shitting of a thousand pants of the fans who couldn’t wait to hear this. And as someone who went into “Paradise Gallows” hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, I can say honestly that Inter Arma have topped everything they’ve done before in ways no one ever thought imaginable before.

If you heard Inter Arma’s first full length “Sundown” and liked the vocals, enjoyed the immense amount of variety that was “Sky Burial”, and the crushing presence and masterful musicianship that was “The Cavern”, then just try to fathom all of that perfectly mixed, molded, and finally shaped out to be a 9-track album that was over an hour long. That is exactly what “Paradise Gallows” is and so much more. It’s as if Inter Arma had meticulously gathered the experience they’ve garnered over the years and said, “we’re just gonna combined everything and make it so huge no one will see it coming”. The sheer talent and the extremely high quality of “Paradise Gallows” shows that Inter Arma truly are one of those diamonds amongst the dirt as you don’t see a lot of people talking about them. It’s like they’re a movie that everyone enjoys, but only a small portion of that become die hard loyal fans of that movie and love every bit, every sequel, and every little extra piece that they can possibly get out of it.

Imagine, if you will, an acoustic guitar opening that is entrancing to say in the very least, and then busts in a guitar solo and thunderous drums that have such a crisp sound and essence of excellence about them that you cannot help but applaud how fantastic it all sounds. Then for the next proceeding tracks you are subjected to a wonderful array of pure heaviness mixed with so many elements of so many different sub-genres of metal that it’s hard to encompass how well it’s all put together if you’re a big fan of Inter Arma. Amongst all that intensity and sheer excitement are expertly placed intervals of calmer, somewhat psychedelic at times bits along with Inter Arma’s first venture into clean vocals to give “Paradise Gallows” a grand scale that even after listening to the whole album once, twice, three times it’s hard to take it all in. From absolute crushers of songs like “Transfiguration” to smooth, healthy breaks from the onslaught like “Where the Earth Meets the Sky” to epics that combine the best, and much more, of both worlds like “The Summer Drones”, “Paradise Gallows” truly has it all and pulls it of with unspeakable mastery.

This album alone, if their previous two releases didn’t prove it enough, shows that Inter Arma are the prime and most excellent example of metal musicianship at its very peak with not one moment of “Paradise Gallows” being wasted on anything you could consider boring or droll. A magnum opus, if you will. Inter Arma have without a doubt made their crowning achievement, well . . . until they put out their next album, that is.

“Paradise Gallows” releases on July 8th!

PRE-ORDER “Paradise Gallows” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 2 tracks off “Paradise Gallows” on Bandcamp here.

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