Vukari – Divination

divination_artwork When a band is in a groove, as in they’ve put out bangin’ releases recently, it can be very easy for them to fall out of it. Many bands unfortunately succumb to such a fate, but Vukari are nowhere near the rest. They’re simply something else entirely and if you’ve never heard of them before or have your doubts then allow their upcoming album, “Divination”, do all the talking there needs to be.

To me the cover art contributes a lot to how someone perceives the music itself, and “Divination” is a perfect example of that. It’s such a simple picture, but the amount of ominous atmosphere and the crimson shade of red that eerily resembles blood truly speaks a thousand words and is the perfect representation of what Vukari have done with this record. “Divination” is an 8-track trip of top notch black metal that every now and then implements atmospheric elements to give the music a feel that truly gets underneath your skin. The majority of the record is a blast of searing aggression that never ceases to end as Vukari have truly got the ideal sound that fits them perfectly to where each track throughout “Divination” is an amazing time that fans of sheer intensity mixed with the sickest riffs that don’t sound recycled or boring will find themselves absolutely drooling over because of how grand Vukari pulled everything off. Just everything down to the very timing of the vocals themselves are done as magnificently well as they could’ve possibly ever been which shows how much thought Vukari put into “Divination”, and that’s not even mentioning the amounts of skill and talent it took to actually pull it off.

If anything is to be taken away from this album it’s that Vukari are in no way push overs. While they’ve been around for but three years they’ve shown to be more capable than bands who’ve been around for decades. I cannot help but tell you that if you’re going to want to know what underground metal albums you’re going to need to hear any time soon you better make damn sure “Divination” is on that list, or I feel truly sorry for you.

“Divination” releases on August 1st!

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