Be’lakor – Vessels

660_BeLakor_CMYK Very rarely are there bands that are simply and quite literally can only be described as genre-defining. For metalcore it’s Killswitch Engage, for death metal it’s Cannibal Corpse. With melo-death metal, however, no band comes to my mind quicker than Be’lakor. They’ve proven time and again they’re masters of the genre and continue to blow minds with every album they’ve put out. It’s with both thumbs up and full applause to the band that I can truthfully say that “Vessels” is no exception from that statement.

This near hour long eight track album is without a doubt in my mind one of the most important melodic death albums that you will hear all year. A bold statement, I know, but “Vessels” backs that up with the first two tracks off the record alone. Be’lakor have really kicked things up a thousand notches with the album as the vocals are so much more intense yet very refined at the same time, the melodies revolve between crunchy riffs and near psychedelic rhythms that really tantalize the senses in way only true talent can achieve. But how entertaining is it you might ask? “Vessels” easily keeps you listening intently while taking you through multiple stages of amazement, bewilderment, and the pleasure of listening to good, heavy shit that only metal heads know, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg for what you’d find. It would be an insult to call this music, for it is nowhere near music – it is an experience. An experience of such caliber that you cannot miss if you’re a fan of melodic death metal, for Be’lakor are one of the true kings of the genre and “Vessels” proves that without a single fucking doubt.

Easily, “Vessels” is a monumental album for not only Be’lakor themselves, but for the entirety of melodic death metal and all music itself. The records pushes the boundaries that have been pushed before by bands like Countless Skies and Whispered, but Be’lakor pushes much further than the rest and with much more style as well. Front to back an amazing piece that continues to amaze with each listen, “Vessels” could quite possibly end up being one of the most well crafted, intriguing, and prolific albums of 2016.

“Vessels” releases on June 24th!

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