Un – The Tomb of All Things

cover.jpg I’m a fan of tombs, I’ll say it up front. And for whatever reason this tomb seemed so much more atypical simply because it is the tomb of all motherfucking things. What does the tomb of all things have within it’s crypts and chasms, you ask? Well, don’t ask me. Ask Un who have got a perfect grasp on what a funeral doom metal album should sound like from guitars that are heavier than the center of a black hole but just as dark. With a run time of just under a whopping 52 minutes long, “The Tomb of All Things” is a marvel of a debut album that is a dark, austere, and grim pilgrimage that you will absolutely have to experience if you’re any fan of doom, and if not I still encourage giving this album a spin. “The Tomb of All Things” is one of those rare albums that you really need to sit back and full immerse yourself in because Un will easily have you being crushed by intense vocals, destructive guitars, a bass with a monstrous roar, and a drums that are the doldrums of death’s arrival itself. Un also manages to pull you back with making the heaviness stop on a dime and being replaced with a lighter feel that is like the calm after the storm that allows you to see the wreckage that the storm left behind only to have another storm come around and fuck up shit even more. If you are looking for a trip that will take you into the void, lead you back out, and then drag you back in with irresistible crushing force, “The Tomb of All Things” is an absolute must. Un have started down a path that I cannot help but say that we must follow close behind because for all we know Un will become the next big doom band, and I say that because they have the talent to do so. It’s only a matter of time.

“The Tomb of All Things” releases on December 4, 2015!

LISTEN to the track “Through the Luminous Dusk” via SoundCloud here.

LIKE Un on Facebook here.

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