Sanzu – Heavy Over the Home

a4104761496_10 After hearing the single “Ubiety” off of this album weeks ago I knew for a fact that “Heavy Over the Home” was going to be three things: (1) intense to the bitter end, (2) it was quite possibly the last album that I was looking forward of 2015, and (3) it was sure to be something that had to be heard. The second and third things were completely correct to my absolute happiness as “Heavy Over the Home” is without a doubt a magnificent album that shows the evolution that Sanzu has gone through since only releasing their debut self-titled EP earlier this year, and this album is one that absolutely demands to be heard as its immense presence is one that cannot and will not be taken lightly. Now, as for the first thing that isn’t the case for the entirety of the album as Sanzu has two instrumental tracks. One being used as what I believe to be an interlude which is always a nice thing when it’s used correctly, and the other being the finale track which sounds like you are floating off into the void after being butchered by this album so it’s very fitting despite what others may think about it.

When you boil it all down and you really take into account the style and sound that Sanzu have created here even after putting out a great debut, it shows that these guys have true talent and ability. But that much is painfully obvious. What’s really cool to me is that these guys have somehow created a blend of death metal that is reminiscent of both old school death in terms of pure aggression and wrath along with the catchy sound and rhythm of modern day death. “Heavy Over the Home” is a great mix of those elements and if you want me to make a comparison then I will. Gojira plus Morbid Angel. That is straight up the simplest way I can described their sound. There’s clear evidence of them both if you pay attention enough and in terms of how well Sanzu pulls off such a combination . . . well . . . practically perfect. From the intro the the very last track, Sanzu has an excellent sense of pace and tempo as they manage to create a phenomenal sound no matter what the pace of the guitars is as they’re always brutal, what style the vocals are because they’re always magnificently intense, the rhythm of the bass because it always has a monstrous roar, or the beat of the drums because they have a cataclysmic beat that cannot be stopped. If that isn’t what every death metal fan is looking for then I don’t know what we are because Sanzu have captured the desires of so many modern death metal fans with their first EP, and they have basically fulfilled our dreams with “Heavy Over the Home”.

This is a marvelous album, no two ways about it. Varying in terms of song length, tempo, style, and texture, “Heavy Over the Home” is an album that shows up ever rare once in a while with all the bands in the damn world. Sanzu have made a name for themselves with this piece and they are sure to keep the train rolling as I cannot see them even thinking about making further material that does not stack up with this or their debut. If you ever say the words “I listen to death metal” then I expect you to listen to “Heavy Over the Home” at least once. This is an album that has to be heard and if you think otherwise even after hearing it then I have to say you are one seriously bitter fuck.

“Heavy Over the Home” releases on December 3rd, 2015!

WATCH the music video for the single “Ubiety” (my favorite track) via YouTube below.

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