The Canyon Observer – Fvck

a2932016758_10 The one sub-genre of all of metal that has taken me across the board from love to hate is atmospheric black metal. No other has made me love one album so much because it’s done so well, while having another sound dreadfully awful. And luckily in my case, The Canyon Observer has done a very nice job with their brand new album “Fvck” which consists of over 30+ minutes of just 4 tracks, and it works very well because the atmospheric elements help draw out the length of the song while also keeping it interesting which is something that not all bands can do but The Canyon Observer show that they know exactly how to do it right. “Fvck” is also a unique album for me because The Canyon Observer think to shake up the vocal style a bit with the addition of sludge metal style vocals being amongst the shrill scream that is the black metal bits. If you’re worried about the tracks being equally long through the 30+ minute run time of “Fvck” then worry not because only one track is under 6 minutes long with the rest being about 9+ minutes, the longest being 15 minutes long (that’s half the album if you’re bad a counting). Everything from the pace of the echoing guitars to the steady drums and deep pulse of the bass were absolutely as on point as they could be which to me proves that The Canyon Observer is one of the most forward thinking bands of Europe (for black metal at least) at the moment. I will also dare to think that these guys will only get better because “Fvck” is a stroke of genius, plain and simple, and I can tell that this is only the beginning for them.


LISTEN to “Fvck” on Bandcamp here.

LISTEN to the intro track, “Luscious Red”, via YouTube below.

LIKE The Canyon Observer on Facebook here.


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