Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia

foo-fighters-saint-cecilia Foo Fighters have always been an essential for me as a rock fan simply because it was the band alongside The Rolling Stones that started my path down rock music and eventually metal, so these guys will always have my love not only because they make what they wanna make but because they’re fucking legends, and their brand new EP “Saint Cecilia” only further cements them into modern rock history as some of the very best. With 5 songs that sing about love and life, Foo Fighters have created an emotional album that truly does celebrate the best times while the worst times are happening all around us. And although I’m not a huge fan of this EP, it is definitely a good piece as it is upbeat and has a great feel to it that it’s immediately something that I could listen to in just about any situation which is always a fantastic thing for any sort of music. And just overall it’s a great album in terms of instruments more than anything to me because they did a perfect job of creating a tone that many bands try but fail to achieve, but Foo Fighters have just hit the nail on the head with creating such a positive, care free, and sometimes even jovial atmosphere around the music which is what really helps make it enjoyable. I can’t say that “Saint Cecilia” is my favorite album, but it’s definitely up there because this is amazingly well done by all intents and purposes and I would not doubt it if you hear this on the radio so many times in the coming weeks because this is something that people will just eat up, and I’m one of them. Definitely something to check out if you want some happiness in your mix of music, I know I do.


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