Berserker – Dark Worlds Collide

COVER Just looking at that cover art and band name I imagined that Berserker was gonna be a mix of black and death metal with a shot of folk just to spice things up a bit with an album title like that, but with most of my assumptions the universe gives me a hardy “fuck you” and flipped things up for me. Melodic metal. That’s what Berserker is, and with a woman for a vocalist which is always a welcome change for me. In this case, though, I don’t think they sounded as good as they could of overall, but nonetheless they were very fluid and smooth through the entirety of this 44 minute album. The only other thing that I don’t really like about “Dark Worlds Collide” is the length of the songs which feel drawn out and too long winded, but other than those two things that can easily be worked past Berserker has done a bang up job with their debut album. Even thinking to throw into some heavy growls to shake up the vocals every now and then, Berserker help keep things fresh throughout all 9 tracks that while sometimes I feel like it could be changed up a little to be made more interesting, it is definitely an interesting album that shows Berserker know what sound they’re going for and to me is a more than good enough attempt for a first album, and a first full length at that. I have to guess that they will definitely evolve by the time the sophomore release comes, and even though I can’t say I’ll be looking out for that I can say that I would check it out if I had the chance to just to see how these guys have developed as a band.


LISTEN to the track “Wolf” via YouTube below.

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