Amenize – Black Sky

22714_830333627046654_6396866709057710003_n I don’t know what it is about this album, but the only way that I can describe Amenize’s latest album, “Black Sky”, is just metal. It does not fall into on or even two definitive sub-genres for me because it’s just such a well rounded album that I can’t pick out any certain elements from any sub-genre, which is not necessarily bad in any sort of way, just very unexpected when I went to listen to “Black Sky”. But the only way I can describe Amenize’s sound is if you took bits and pieces from both Slipknot and Sevendust and then sprinkled in a little of Killswitch Engage. That sounds like a big mess, I know, but Amenize really make it work with this album as each track has a great intensity that persists through all 30+ minutes of “Black Sky”. The vocals had a great power to them that went very, very well with the heavy guitars that also had a good melodic element to them that was only emphasized immensely by the drums. What’s really awesome is the fact that each song had a nice kick to it that really drew you in and fully immerses you in some intense metal with a great sound to it. “Black Sky” is an impressive album that while it could use a little bit of tweaking and work on, Amenize prove that they know what they’re doing. If there was ever a young band that has come out of Brazil this year that I’d say you should watch out for, Amenize is definitely that band. Mark my fucking words.


LISTEN to “Black Sky” on Spotify here.

LIKE Amenize on Facebook here.


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