We Rise the Tides – Legacy (single)

 I remember hearing We Rise the Tides for the first time with their last EP, “Death Walk”, being the best deathcore I’ve ever heard by miles and ended being one of my favorite albums of 2014 easily. But it is with actual sadness for me to learn that they have decided to break up and pursue other personal projects (nothing wrong with that at all!), but they have decided to give us fans a farewell present with the single “Legacy”. This song is the most mature and impressive deathcore they’ve done out of doing 2 very nice EP’s, and shows that if they were to have kept going and made another full album that it would’ve been the shit. Everything from the vocals to the guitars, drums, and especially the bass has an absolutely intense heavy feel to it that I’ve not heard any other deathcore band pull off so well. Then they combine they’re heaviness with other instruments like a violin that add a real build up that has a great feel to it as it’s as the very beginning that leads up to an explosion of intensity that I’ve only heard from We Rise the Tides. Then the clean vocals have not lost their touch as they are so much smoother, calmer, and have such a nice flow to them whenever they come up that it is very hard to resist if you’re any kind of core fan. This song is very bittersweet for me because like I said this is the most mature material that We Rise the Tides has put out, and it’s the fact that this is a farewell that makes it bittersweet because I’d love to hear more but I understand whatever reasons they have for breaking. These guys will be sorely missed, truly, but they’ve left us fans something awesome and I love them for that.


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