Odetosun – The Dark Dunes of Titan

a2982631170_10 In terms of trying to create a unique sound that is both interesting and dynamic while make it sound good, progressive metal is one of the best places to find that combination. Albeit, it doesn’t work out all the time, but a lot of times it works out pretty well. Odetosun’s upcoming album, “The Dark Dunes of Titan”, is thankfully the latter of the two. Being a concept album that was influenced by the novel “As On a Darkling Plain”, Odetosun has created a unique experience in which half of the album (2 tracks) are completely instrumental that include guitars with a very nice groove that are far more progressive than death metal as they really try and create an atmospheric tone that can be as ambiguous as the cover art itself. Then the other two tracks are very long 10-15 minutes long and feature growls that are just what you’d expect from death metal and they can hand in hand with the rest of the band becoming more intense and having a heavier beat than the instrumental tracks. Each track has a nice groove to it which makes their length seem not as intimidating, but personally for me there wasn’t a whole lot of energy or change in pace or that really kept my attention which isn’t the best thing despite everything sounding very solid. All in all though, “The Dark Dunes of Titan” is a very unique album that will prove to be a definite gem for any sort of progressive metal fan, and if you’re big into either instrumental bits or death metal vocals then you’re in luck! Odetosun seems to have the exact shit for you when this album drops October 23rd.


LISTEN to the radio edit of “Machine Horizon” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Odetosun on Facebook here.

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