Islay – The Angels’ Share

a0975601313_10 When it comes to death metal, most of it has been done before by someone else and many others a multitude of times. But sometimes a band comes along and takes that style and creates just enough of a unique twist to it that makes their music feel fresh and innovative compared to so much else, and Islay’s newest album “The Angels’ Share” is definitely one such album. Taking the death metal that we all know and love, Islay takes it and does virtually nothing to it other than add a ton of catchy and heavy riffs to their style while the vocals still maintain all sorts of intensity that never let up once and always match the tone of the guitars and drums. And speaking of the guitars, they aren’t so loyal to just death metal as they tend to change sound, pace, and tone many times throughout “The Angels’ Share” and that allows the album to not make the same sound over and over again with the guitars going from death metal to calm acoustic to everything else in between out of this 11-track album. While I cannot say that this is the most innovative or even progressive album I’ve heard before, it is definitely a new take on death metal that show that Islay are really thinking outside of the box while also doing their best to stay true to death metal. Overall, “The Angels’ Share” is an interesting album from a band that sounds like it is just on the cusp of creating a really awesome album.


LISTEN to “The Angels’ Share” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Islay on Facebook here.


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