Three Left (self-titled)

o3mMSQH8 Ahh, hard rock takes me back, man. Back to just about every metal heads days before they were metal heads and all they had was some hard rock to jam out to before getting into heavier shit. Three Left is one of those bands that takes me back to those days for me. Their self-titled EP has a great rhythm to it that is key to any sort of rock album, but it also has an edge to it that rivals that of heavier alternative metal bands which makes things fairly interesting. The vocals have a smoother feel to them that you might not expect when paired with the crunch of the whole rest of the band, and it works really well despite what you might wanna think. There was a nice flow and catch with each track and the amount of riffs that drew your attention in with were spot on to say in the least and they sounded absolutely magnificent. I’m not completely sure if this is Three Left’s debut, but it is then it’s one hell of a debut! I cannot wait until they release another album as I’m sure it will be as entertaining as this EP is, if not more. But we can only wait and this album is more than good enough to us occupied for the time being.


LISTEN to “Three Left” on ReverbNation here.

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FOLLOW Three Left on Twitter : @Three_Left


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