Solstice Coil – Commute

a0572515909_10 Solstice Coil is more proof to me that progressive metal and rock are one of the best genres out there if you’re looking for true ingenuity and unique bands that make unique albums. “Commute” is no different. Being the third album from Solstice Coil, this really shows that this band knows what they’re doing and know how to really grab your attention without having to rely on having a conventional sound or something that’s been done a thousand times before. There’s a slew of instruments on here including keyboards, piano, fret-less bass, and some synths that really help “Commute” have a doifferent sound than if it were just your normal guitar, bass, drums, etc. making the music. The vocals had a very smooth feel to them that were used really well and had a good sound to them all throughout the album. Some tracks were instrumental and those were my personal favorites as they were acoustic and flowed really well with everything else which of course had a good sound and nice rhythm throughout all 50+ minutes of “Commute”. Overall, this is a nice progressive album that borders between metal and rock for me as it has elements of both, and is good because of its creativity and interesting sound.


LISTEN to “Commute” on Bandcamp here.

WATCH the lyric video for the track “Forget You Ever Saw Us” via YouTube below.

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