Talpa – Happy

a3352752970_10 In terms of how intense an alternative metal band can get, Talpa is one of those bands that is really pushing the boundaries. The only band of this genre that pushes more intensely off the top of my head is Disturbed, and Talpa is right on their tail with their solid EP “Happy”. What is really neat about this album is that the vocals are done by a woman which to me have a more natural ebb and flow to them for whatever reason and that really allows “Happy” to become very melodic. The guitars and bass have a great rhythm throughout all 5 tracks as they manage to switch between having a hard rock feel to the more often alternative metal feel really well, and that allows this album to be a little bit more dynamic than if they were to have just stuck to one particular style. That last statement also goes for the drums as the beat that they carried had a great feel as it really makes you want to tap your foot along with it as they were that enticing to my ears. If this is just the tip of the iceberg for Talpa, then I can say that this is easily the start of something very interesting as “Happy” shows that Talpa just need to make some improvements and adjustments before they have a sound that is absolutely killer. And when they achieve that I can only hope I’ll be there to witness it.


LISTEN to “Happy” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Talpa on Facebook here.


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