Omega Diatribe – Abstract Ritual

9MYFEvQc Groove metal has always been subject to a whole bunch of modifications as any genre with bands taking many different approaches to create their own unique sound (ex. Five Finger Death Punch). Adding death metal-esque vocals, implementing some math metal, and even some djent to mix it up a bit have all been things that Omega Diatribe have done to make their groove metal their’s with their newest album, “Abstract Ritual”. And while all of those mixed together sound unlikely at best to skeptics like myself, the final product is much more refined and a lot more badass than what I originally thought. All six tracks have their own interesting pace and feel to them that went perfectly with the song before that and would always flow into the next as the guitars were very heavy, the drums had an excellent beat (side note: Kevin Talley was featured on the album on drums, so that’s a thing if you like him), and the vocals had a solid, hardcore feel and texture to them even though I wasn’t very keen on the sound of them overall. But that one thing doesn’t drag down the album at all for me as I was able to get right past it and enjoy “Abstract Ritual” for what it was. This is a very solid album that shows that Omega Diatribe have the seeds of awesome ideas, they just have yet to sprout in the form of a truly great album that fans of groove metal everywhere will be able to put their thumbs up in approval. But for now, “Abstract Ritual” is a more than good enough album for us to listen to until that day comes.


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