Hybrid Nightmares – Ash and Bone (single)

a0452634488_10 Coming back with the third installment of their 4 part album “Ages” series, Melbourne based Hybrid Nightmares have come back to us with the first track off of “The Third Age” which is due by either late this July or early August, either way doesn’t matter as I will wait as long as I have to for this album. I still love listening to the previous two albums, “The First Age” and “The Second Age”, every single day because they have an amazingly good quality sound of black metal mixed with progressive metal to make a crushing feel and intense pace throughout both albums that are exactly spot on to say in the least. And now with the first preview of “The Third Age”, the single “Ash and Bone”, being released we can see a glimpse if they’re going anywhere, and holy fuck are they going somewhere. This whole song is about 6 minutes long and in it is without a doubt the most brutal tunes that have been showcased throughout the “Ages” series and Hybrid Nightmares hits the nail right on the head with it. The vocals have their traditional black metal screech that really brought the intensity before the guitars absolutely ripped along with brutality with a dash of melodic elements whose beat was maximized alongside the drums that hold nothing back. I remember seeing a thing from Hybrid Nightmares themselves that said that “The Third Age” was by far their most brutal album, and “Ash and Bone” is solidifying that statement so far with being utterly badass in every way it can. When this album drops you’ll know it because within the hour that I first hear it you’ll see me ranting about it. I’m that excited for it just from this one song alone and you should be too!


LISTEN to “Ash and Bone” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Hybrid Nightmares on Twitter : @HNMetal


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