Funeste – Le Triomphe du Charnier

PromoImage (56) Oh, it’s one of those black metal bands is it? One of those that you see the band’s logo and it looks either like a bunch of twigs flung unto each other, lightning going every which way, or lightning twigs going every which way. Well thankfully, Funeste is also one of those good black metal bands as this Canadian duet (duet) whose debut album, “Le Triomphe du Charnier”, is spot on what you would expect from a band from the world’s 2nd largest country. “Le Triomphe du Charnier” only has 4 tracks to its name, but those tracks are absolutely jam packed with all the black metal you could want unless you want satanic black metal in which case this isn’t what you’re gonna get. The vocals are eerily harsh and they also sound like they’re calling at you in the midst of an intense blizzard so you can’t make out a single word that is being said. Then the guitars and drums are brutal and have an ice cold feel to that which sound amazingly good with how they compliment the vocals, making them have an even more harsh feel that is obviously crucial to any black metal album. Each song is spot on what you are looking for if you just want raw black metal without any other sort of additions or bullshit – just straight black metal. Funeste have only just begun, and “Le Triomphe du Charnier” makes me firmly believe that they can do so much more in the future. We can only wait.

LISTEN to “Le Triomphe du Charnier” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Funeste on Facebook here.


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