Corroder – Tombs of Terror

No matter what anyone may dare to suggest, the very foundations of the old school are far from crumbling in any form whatsoever. While it’s the realms of death and black metal that tend to be the center of concern when it comes to preserving the old schools in the world of metal, I would argue that the classic institutions of thrash are just as worthy of preservation for all that it has done for the world of metal at large even if the style has gone virtually unchanged for decades. Yet, keeping that old flame alive is just as pertinent in the world of thrash as any other with plenty of bands out there managing to do just that. Still a brand new name by all accounts, Corroder is already on its way to become one of the need-to-know names of that exact breed.

There’s nothing quite like a competent piece of thrash in any form, but I think most of us can agree that the best thrash is of the classic variety with newer acts that manage to tap into that very aura already having a leg up on the competition simply because there’s something about that old school sensation that feels so much more rewarding for a style like thrash and all that it offers. Being able to tap into that very sound is something that very few bands are able to do on a supremely effective level with Corroder showing that they can manage to bring that exact flavor forward virtually immediately after their inception with “Tombs of Terror” but their second demo at this point with every given facet of this release offering us a new glimpse into the band’s mindset that is clearly rooted in that early 80s glory that many of us have come to revere for all that it’s accomplished and influenced in the decades since. With all that’s brought forward here the very epitome of what it means to keep everything simple but devastatingly effective, it wouldn’t be any sort of stretch of the imagination to say that it could be the difference of just one album for Corroder to be named one of the most powerful up-and-coming Norwegian thrash acts we have the pleasure of being in the midst of with all that’s accomplished within the blistering confines of “Tombs of Terror” more than enough to make that very prospect feel like an immense possibility.

A real find that hearkens to the very spirit of what the underground is all about, this has certifiably got to be one of those demos that has so much to offer with the quality in question undeniable, the power intoxicating, and the potential for further greatness absolutely tantalizing should Corroder simply seize the opportunity. Surely, “Tombs of Terror” is just the start of a glorious conquest for this band, and I can only hope that it won’t be too long before we can bask in the mastery that would be Corroder’s third onslaught whatever form it may take.

LISTEN to “Tombs of Terror” on Bandcamp here.

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