Myælin – Zenchaos

The vast reaches of all that psychedelia can encapsulate are truly the sort of wonders that will never cease to inspire, astonish, or compel for all that they can offer as it can be with a light coating that it can add some needed flavor to a flat-sounding release while buckets of it can effortlessly transform any release into a work beyond normal conventions. When it’s wielded properly with the correct levels of talent to bring power to whatever kind of psychedelics are on the table, it truly does feel like the band in question is capable of anything. What looks to be one of the best kept secrets in the Belgian underground, it’s with one of their most recent works that Myælin shows us just how adept they are in their engrossing craft.

Whereas many would take their blend of psychedelia into one style and leave it mostly at that with bands like Zaum fusing it with doom metal gloriously all the time, there’s always been potential for the stakes to rise so much higher should a band simply just go for it with an audacious nosedive that nothing to fear. Right out of the gate, it’s clear that Myælin has just enough daring to attempt such a thing, but it’s even then that they go even further. With an experimental edge to what they do, it’s with one of their most recent creations, “Zenchaos”, that we’re able to get a glimpse into the band’s crazy sound that manages to somehow blend together doom, apex psychedelia, sludge, and even progressive metal elements that make for an ultimately caustic and mind-melting creation that’s all but terrifying to stare into with naught but the ends of infinity held within its whirlwinds. The first song alone of “Zenchaos” is enough to satisfy any who should find themselves in the midst of this record, but Myælin still charges forward with real intent to lose themselves in the endless reaches of nothingness where their particular brand of psychedelia is all but the most potent and where this true glory of this album can really shine. Deeper within you can find Myælin showing off their many different sides from the patient and trippy to the outrageous and acidic that shows to us that Myælin has so much to offer in how they execute their particular sound to immediately set them apart from an extremely vast swathe of what much of the underground would dare attempt in any form.

In no small way, to attempt even just two tracks of “Zenchaos” is to attempt a wonder the likes of which you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the entire underground with the very whole of the record being an undeniably jaw-dropping spin whose deep layers and unmistakeable grandeur cannot be denied. Myælin truly seems to be a beast of the underground that is not to be underestimated, and I can only fathom what else this act is capable of in the future, but it’s until then that should you need me I will be digging through the archives of what Myælin has crafted thus far for there are sure to be visages that I just cannot leave unheard.

LISTEN to “Zenchaos” on Bandcamp here.

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One thought on “Myælin – Zenchaos

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It means the world to us to know that there are people out there our music resonates with.

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