As the World Dies – Agonist

If we’re to consider the simple potential of virtually every fresh name to come out of the underground no matter what corner of the map, there are always a couple of names that stand out before even releasing a single minute’s worth of material with the reasons being possible from all sorts of angles. On rare occasions, we see well-established and accomplished musicians come together to make something new that is so much more than much of what we could come to expect out of what the rest of the scene could hope to bring to the table. With their own debut, it’s the very capable hands behind As the World Dies that we’ve got a performance the likes of which is the very definition of promising.

Sometimes, things are just meant to be. It can be a legendary band reshaping a style by simply releasing a new album or a fresh band coming around packing more than enough firepower, know-how, and the capacity to bring new glorious visions to life, and it can effortlessly be either so long as the right circumstances are achieved. In the case of As the World Dies, there’s no way to deny that we have a situation that very much falls into the latter situation. Even not considering the fact that this band features members from both Memoriam and Pemphigoid, the talent is absolutely oozing out of As the World Dies with any given track from this record being more than enough to show the versatility at play here with a true understanding of classic death metal executed with a modern state of mind that not only brings further excellence to the sound but enables the band to really show what they can do with all that “Agonist” brings forth all but compelling and utterly crushing. On top of being laden with legendary guests that only further the intensity of this vicious debut, it’s at every turn that As the World Dies continuously shows us what they’re able to throw down with riffs abound throughout all ten of these infectious tracks with naught but the most complete understanding of what death metal can become as just the very beginning of what’s possible with this exceedingly promising group that truly has put their best foot forward with this debut. The very power of “Agonist” is something to admire given its potency right out of the gate where it would take most new names at least one effort to really hone in on the desired sound along with how to execute it effectively which makes every aspect of this record something that demands to be heard by death metal fanatics everywhere, for I can all but guarantee that the name of As the World Dies won’t be leaving your mouth or listening habits any time soon.

It’s the past experience of musicians that can enhance any given material to something far greater than what we could ever hope to normally expect, and it’s in the case of As the World Dies that we are given a prime example of that with the best-case scenarios of talent and fortune coming together to really make this debut stand apart in virtually every category. It’s practically every department at work within “Agonist” that really shows us just how lucky we are to witness such a creation as what’s to be had here, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see this record named again and again as one of the most compelling straight-forward death metal to come out of UK for good deal of time.

“Agonist” releases on March 25th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Agonist” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE As the World Dies on Facebook here.

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