Legendarium – Under the Spell of Destruction

When we consider bands that are still relatively new to the scene but still managing to carve out a name for themselves for one reason or another, it would be an understatement to suggest that we have anything less than a true menagerie of different creations to choose from should we take into account bands with wild debuts or those that are able to take the gift of time and wield it to their advantage. It’s when we turn our eyes over to Legendarium and what it has accomplished in such a short time, it certainly is a case of the latter and it’s with their forthcoming effort that the upward trend that was shown to us in the last two years just keeps on getting more and more interesting.

To simply look at what Legendarium has crafted up to their point in their discography is to truly witness a band come into their own pretty quickly in a wide scene where they could’ve very easily ripped the sound from any source and attempt to get away with it, but, rather, it’s been in each year since its debut that Legendarium has done naught but dig their heels into the ground in order to really refine their sound such that they can confidently claim it as their’s and still be damn good at it. With the very creation of their third full-length effort, it doesn’t take an expert eye to realize that this band has really found their groove right alongside the exact kind of sound that they want to bring to the table with the resulting glory that’s to be found within “Under the Spell of Destruction” showing proof of that from beginning to end. It’s in these brand new eleven tracks that we can really see and feel Legendarium hit their stride as this easily feels like it’s the most complete and mature work that this band has put out so far with everything that they’ve brought to the table before absolutely coming back to have even more time to shine, but it’s with a particularly fresh intensity which they return to us with as you can really feel just how honed each and every aspect of the performance throughout the utter entirety of “Under the Spell of Destruction”. Each piece of the record plays off of one another to also make this creation a really cohesive one right from the beginning with Legendarium achieving an almost vintage-like feel to record, but in no way does it feel stale in that regard with there being clear passion as the driving forth with very clear nods throughout the performance to the earlier days of heavy metal when the rules weren’t quite so set in stone with the very spirit of Legendarium lending itself very well yet again to bringing this sound in full force with nothing short of quality to be had.

The absolute wealth of time that many bands get can be easily glossed over since it can really feel obvious that any band would get better with time, but nthat’s not an always true scenario as we do sadly get bands that either don’t learn from their mistakes or refuse to change for personal integrity, and I cannot be any happier to see Legendarium continuously overcome its initial stumbles in order to keep providing us new works year after year that live up to their potential. It could be easy to dismiss “Under the Spell of Destruction” as a largely same performance that we got last year, but given the quality and intrigue that’s to be had around every corner of the release I don’t see why that would be considered a true negative.

“Under the Spell of Destruction” releases on February 11th!

LISTEN to Legendarium on Bandcamp here.

FOLLOW Legendarium on Twitter: @LegendariumBand

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