Breaths – Though Life Has Turn Out Nothing Like I Imagined, It Is Far Better Than I Could Have Dreamt

Purely by nature, music is a reflection of the soul but it all depends on the artist at hand as to just how far the music leans into that factor.  When we get a deeply personal creation that the soul can really attach itself to, relate to, and become partial with in some form, it’s doesn’t often come from metal of all genres. That’s not hard to fathom given the extreme nature that a lot of the sound adopts, but when it’s performed it can make for a truly compelling release. It was just earlier this year that Breaths made an impressive debut that was wondrously expressive and explorative. In no way do I think Breaths was aiming to outdo itself, rather simply put forth a performance from the heart, but I can’t help but feel that’s exactly what’s happened for this forthcoming creation.

What really got me going about Breaths right from the beginning was how willing the band was to dip its toes in several different sounds while still sounding cohesive in every way even as we’re given a combination that would feel out of place in lesser hands, and it was quite an emotional work on top of that. As one might be able to guess simply from reading that lengthy title, it’s on this new album that we see Breaths fall further into emotional expressionism much more and it is done to dramatic effect. Toning down the diversity just a little bit, it’s the soul that is the main instrument for “Though Life…” with the record taking on a sound that is very much like doomgaze to my ears, but one cannot deny that there are still threads leading to all sorts of other sounds that make these six tracks sonically pleasing with the raw emotional impact taking the recording to another level altogether. There’s a truly ethereal presence to this work that is present right from the very beginning and it’s with shifting tones very like a rollercoaster that Breaths keep everything interesting such that not only is it hard to predict where the album will be heading next but it truly makes “Though Life…” feel as though its a living, breathing creation all its own without fear of what comes next.

Such a work like this is something that is hard to not resonate with for it deals with themes that everyone has in some form or another, and the performance as a whole makes it all the more gripping with Breaths never once hesitating to do what it wants as the record isn’t ashamed to explore all sorts of sonic avenues in order to deliver the soulful art that it has been since the very start. Very few things are able to properly describe an album like this as even if it’s not sonically the most wondrous creation that most of us will hear, there’s no way to deny the heart-wrenching themes at play here such that its true, gorgeous majesty is all but perfectly laid forth in that long title that is beyond fitting.

“Though Life…” releases on January 22nd via Trepanation Recordings!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Though Life…” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Breaths on Facebook here.

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