Weedpecker – IV: The Stream of Forgotten Thoughts

  When it comes to peak acts of psychedelia that often don’t get enough attention for all that they’ve achieved and brought to the table, there certainly are a few that come to my mind after a few minutes. Weedpecker may not be the first that many think of when they turn their own minds to such a topic, but I can’t help but feel they’ve been quite an underrated act despite putting out some very interesting material as well as being part of a 4-way split with the likes of Spaceslug, Dopelord, and Major Kong which is where I first stumbled upon the name. It’s with their fourth opus, though, that Weedpecker feels as though they’ve truly gone beyond the realm they had complete dominion over for years, expanding their territories to glorious new reaches and bringing nothing but psychedelic wonder wherever they go.

Even just seeing the name without ever hearing a single note from a band like Weedpecker instantly puts a specific image in the minds of many people since the realms of stoner, psych, and everything in that surrounding area feels as though they fall into the same generic territory more often than not. It doesn’t take much to stand out in such a crowd should we be dealing with a band that knows how to take a special approach and have fun stretching the sound into new forms, and it’s with that goal accomplished in the first track that Weedpecker quickly makes “IV: The Stream of Forgotten Thoughts” a record that shows us how much more the vast realms of psychedelia have to give while never once forgetting its places of origin. No stone is left unturned in the vast exploration that anyone will take part in the moment they step into the vast cosmos that Weedpecker has carefully crafted with these eight tracks which each and every one of them filled with their own unique source of light paired with utterly delectable melodies that ties the whole of the record together like a gorgeous solar system which relies on itself but has far more than enough in each of its moons, planetoids, and comets to captivate any visitor to the true beauty that is “The Stream of Forgotten Thoughts”.

It’s a wondrously detailed visage that blends together plenty of the metal and rock elements of stoner music from all sides, and it becomes beyond clear by the end of this effort that Weedpecker is in the best form they’ve ever been in with this fourth entry being a damn good contender for their most interesting work to date if not certifiably their best. You simply cannot go wrong by allowing the very river of color wash over you to let the album run its course, and it’ll be by the end that you’ll come to know that of all the forsaken memories in your mind it is “IV: The Stream of Forgotten Thoughts” that will definitely not become one.

“IV: The Stream of Forgotten Thoughts” releases on December 3rd!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “IV: The Stream of Forgotten Thoughts” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Weedpecker on Facebook here.

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