Sense of Noise – s/t

Whether you’re aware of it or not, it really does seem that melodic death metal finds itself at a crossroads the likes of which I find endlessly fascinating as I don’t see anything else quite like it across any of all that modern metal holds. On one branch, we see a more traditional approach that’s “just” the savagery of death metal with a metric ton of riffs and melody slapped on top to make for a real banger that’s all but intoxicating. But, on the other branch, a foray into the borderline progressive that sees the style transforms into an almost completely different sound while not abandoning its roots. With their debut album, we see Sense of Noise take that latter path to see the transformation of melo-death take place yet again to a staggering degree.

It could be effortless to sit here for any of us to sit here and argue whether or not this is “actual” melo-death with it being a far cry from that traditional route I just mentioned, but it’s without question that the bones of the sound we’re familiar with are all there without any attempt to cover them up but it’s in a vastly different and refreshing light that bands like Sense of Noise are shining upon it. Much like how acts like Countless Skies are completely transforming the sound to become something far more dynamic, colorful, and awe-inspiring, it’s with similar energy that Sense of Noise has crafted their eponymous debut effort with many risks taken with even more rewards to be had. Between the fantastic singing, gripping keys, otherworldly melodies, and an adventurous sense of musicianship that oftentimes takes the very essence of melo-death into new territory that we’re very, very slowly starting to see elsewhere more with every band seeming to bring something new and exhilarating to an already vastly explorative and innovative sound that seems to always take the path less traveled with all of the nine tracks that Sense of Noise delivers here being so much of what this particular brand of melo-death is becoming with virtually no flaw to be had for as long as I gaze into the true melting pot of flavors and sounds that is brought forth for this boast of a debut.

There’s so much to dive into for this ambitious work with the previous experience of each of these musicians providing volumes of justice for what’s been cooked up here to not only made it a bold excursion but a supremely potent one at that with every dive back into the album providing another glorious secret to ooze over. We’re at a true crossroads for melodic death metal, and so long as we keep seeing bands like Sense of Noise coming out of the woodwork then I don’t think we’ll have anything to fear when it concerns quality, passion, and talent with this bold adventure of sound that cannot be denied.

“Sense of Noise” releases on November 5th!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Sense of Noise” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sense of Noise on Facebook here.

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