Primeval Well – Talkin’ in Tongues with Mountain Spirits

There’s a special magic that’s to be had when you manage to successfully bring black metal together with something that we don’t see it come together with often by any stretch. Bringing it together with American folktales is something that we maybe get to see a couple of times a year with Panopticon by far being the most notable band to bring it to the table, but there are always a couple of bands sprinkled throughout the vast underground that are still able to sate the appetite of those seeking such a specific sound. With their latest work, Primeval Well has easily made one of the most compelling pieces of its kind to come around in some time.

It’s far from uncommon to see black metal of many different veins try their best to invoke the very spirits of nature in a seemingly endless amount of albums that have been getting churned out for decades now to varying results, but there’s few that can compare when it’s done right. The dense woods of America aren’t treaded nearly as often as the forests of Scandinavia, but there’s real magic to be had with its rivers and animals with bands like Primeval Well being one of the few that are able to channel that energy to tremendous effect. With a fitting title of “Talkin’ in Tongues with Mountain Spirits”, it’s hard for me to peer into the eight tracks we get here and bring myself to ignore what my eyes see for it’s nothing to ignore whatsoever. There isn’t a single minute spread throughout this creation wreathed in mysticism that sounds like anything else on the entire album to the point that it’s the very whole of the record that becomes engrossing as you can really feel yourself falling into the woods that Primeval Well calls home as they commune with the very spirits in the trees, the ground, the water, the mountains, and the air. The black metal that’s to be found here is already nothing to scoff at as it brings its themes to life brilliantly, but it’s with the combination of literally every other aspect derived from folklore that goes into “Talkin’ in Tongues with Mountain Spirits” that elevates this record to something that’s all but immersive.

It’s in every way that Primeval Well does a no less than a splendid job at not only doing such a niche sound untold amounts of justice but they really show that they’re not a name to be scoffed at for all that they’re able to bring to the table and execute with real wonder. Blending black metal with anything else at extreme contrast is already something to behold to begin with, but it’s when we get something that’s even remotely on the same level as “Talkin’ in Tongues with Mountain Spirits” that we get to see something quite special, and I can’t help but recommend this to any curious adventurer who wants to find themselves in the American south to truly become one with the land and its vast secrets.

LISTEN to “Talkin’ in Tongues with Mountain Spirits” on Bandcamp here.

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