The Harvest Trail – Instinct

Death metal, like all forms of extreme metal, has long been subjected to many different forms of experimentation, but there are very few things that can compare when it’s stripped down to an immensely basic form whose only goal is to mesmerize via destruction. It can often be a harder goal for some, but that doesn’t stop newer bands from constantly popping up to show us why their stakes in the ever-expanding scene are to be noted and it’s with their forthcoming effort that The Harvest Trail puts their best possible foot forward.

Just looking at the tracklist for this album along with the times for each song, you already get an idea of what exactly you’re in for before even listening to a single note that The Harvest Trail throws down. In no way is that predictability a bad thing, however, as it’s throughout “Instinct” that this upstart Australian act shows us what they’re capable of without seeming to break a single sweat. They deliver to us their brand of potent death metal that’s dripping with bloodthirsty melodies that don’t disappoint for even a moment as it’s every one of these nine bangers that we’re always hooked to what’s being put forth with each one providing a rhythmic euphoria. It’s the exact kind of material that some may dismiss at first because it’s no more than very well-done melodic death metal in some of its most basic forms, but “Instinct” is nothing if not incredibly infectious. Earworms are to be found in all of the songs that we’re treated to here with The Harvest Trail carefully breeding them to be at their most infectious so that anyone who finds themselves listening to “Instinct” will eventually find themselves crawling back to hear more in order to get a proper fix. It’s the simple fact that nothing all that special is happening here that makes the overall performance all the more interesting here as the quality behind The Harvest Trail truly speaks volumes here, and if this is only the beginning of what they have to offer than I’ll gladly be the first in line to hear what else they can dish out for it surely won’t be anything to miss.

It really does feel like Australia can’t produce any bad metal, doesn’t it? You’d think that streak would lag at some point, but bands like The Harvest Trail do nothing but extreme justice for the country’s reputation in the global scene to tremendous effect with this effort being another glorious addition to that excellence. Should you find yourself within the midst of “Instinct”, then I highly suggest you fully immerse yourself in it as those hooks are not to be ignored whether or not you notice them digging into your body.

“Instinct” releases on March 5th!

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