Samsara Blues Experiment – End Of Forever

While I find myself listening to high-energy metal most of the time, I cannot help but find myself recently searching for music that’s not only much slower in every way but also heavy in the psychedelic departments for it feels my need for that glory has grown exponentially lately. The deep dive into the scene to find something worthwhile is always a fun swim filled with many colors swarming forth from all over the world, and it takes a particularly interesting painting of sound to really catch the attention. If there’s any short way to summarize the latest from Samsara Blues Experiment then it’s certainly an interesting painting of sound.

Even then, that’s putting it mildly! The word “interesting” simply does not do enough justice as to what Samsara Blues Experiment has accomplished on their newest effort that takes up into the deep end of what this corner of rock is capable of with plenty of influences from other styles that are symbiotic to psych-rock like progressive and a tinge of doom here and there. They all come together under the masterful coordination of this band to result in a massive seven-track effort that not only is a joy to listen to, but also an album that is all but effortless to fall into at any given moment. The atmospheres alone are so delightful that they’re enough to carry everything that “End Of Forever” offers without a hassle, but literally everything about the record is one massive positive after another as Samsara Blues Experiment shows us what they’re capable of as if we needed proof when considering just the past releases they’ve dished out. The quality of Samsara Blues Experiment was never in question upon the arrival of “End Of Forever”, but the album does nothing but emboldens the very name with how staggering it is in every department without exception. It’s got the heaviness that’s paired beautifully with the psychedelia, riff-driven drifts into colorful voids that are constantly overflowing with personality, musicianship whose power cannot be undermined no matter who might try to ruin the party, and anything else that someone might dare bring up to try and challenge what’s been done here, and they’ll only be met with a grand performance like few others.

Samsara Blues Experiment has already shown us they know what they’re doing, and it’s with “End of Forever” that they’ve cemented their status as one of the premier acts of their kind that absolutely must be heard, for this effort is just one of multiple staggering works that have been creating up to this point with, surely, no end in sight for this landmark act.

LISTEN to “End Of Forever” on Bandcamp here.

FOLLOW Samsara Blues Experiment on Facebook here.

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