The Black Hounds – Colossus

The world of groove metal is almost always an odd one since I feel that many people don’t give the style enough credit since it almost always feels like a “safe” route for metal since it’s not too fast, not too slow, not too brutal, and quite accessible by all accounts which lead many to think that of the bands that play the style as safe or even boring, which is completely unfair. It’s always been filled with quality acts to know like every other style out there, but this one, in particular, doesn’t get enough credit nowadays. The Black Hounds is just one act out of many that I can note, but their latest work makes for something very entertaining by all accounts.

By all accounts but in a way that does not drag down the quality of this work whatsoever, this is a very straight-forward record that is definitely a by-the-books release for groove metal in virtually every way. But, don’t let that make you think that “Colossus” is not worth your time or something that plays things far too safe in order to be good, for, by all accounts, The Black Hounds deliver a performance that is entertaining for any and all listeners that allow themselves to become enveloped by what is being done here. Overflowing with riffs with an incredibly simple but supremely excellent payoff that never once gets old as “Colossus” feels almost formulaic at times, but there isn’t a single moment where The Black Hounds allow themselves to become stale or boring in any sense in order to show us that groove metal still has so much glory to offer even if there is barely anything new but still undeniably potent and entertaining, and it’s all eight songs that deliver just enough of a different sound that it keeps you going throughout all of “Colossus” with The Black Hounds knowing how to keep the energy flowing without a single fault to be had in sight. It’s the sort of thing that renews one’s faith in what groove metal is possible of since we’ve got something of real quality with this album, and, surely, it is just the tip of the iceberg for what this band is capable of with this just being their debut full-length album which holds nothing but immense promise in just about every form.

Sometimes the most entertaining release is one that takes the simpler route, and it’s for the entirety of “Colossus” that you get that exact feel with everything on display here proving yet another great example for that train of thought with one captivating song after another with the whole of the effort showing us just what exactly this band can bring to the table. This is just the very beginning of what The Black Hounds has to offer, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to hear more the moment it’s available.

LISTEN to “Colossus” on Bandcamp here.

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