Honeybadger – Pleasure Delayer

A quality rock experience is something that is really supposed to move you on some sort of level because that’s been the nature of the style ever since its very first iteration, and that has proven to be the trend to this very day. So many bands have done a phenomenal job at bringing that element forward into even the youngest acts’ sound across the entire board without that changing any time soon. Honeybadger is just the latest name out of legions to standout with a knockout performance that will keep me coming back for some time, and I hope many others will do the same.

The first thing that people tend to latch onto with rock like this is the rhythms that are put forth simply because if they’re good then there’s a very good chance that everything else surrounding it will pass the test of quality without question, and that couldn’t be any closer to the truth for what has been done here in every single second of “Pleasure Delayer”. Whether it’s a song that feels like it could swarm the radios from decades past or a fresh approach to a hard rock sound tinged with stoner elements, it’s hard to deny that what Honeybadger has done here isn’t supremely engaging to listen to in virtually every form as it becomes clear instantly that this Greek act has so much to offer as a real contender for talent in the modern world of rock. Everything that is put forth in every single song that we’re given here exudes both great energy and undeniable talent that is nigh on intoxicating in every form, and there’s no possible way you can sit there and tell me that “Pleasure Delayer” is a fluke for Honeybadger. There is clear craftsmanship and concentrated excellence at play here to the point where I’m all but confident that they’ll be able to reproduce this exact kind of glory on any future ventures, and I already know that I’ll be scrambling to get a piece of that action.

This entire record is a piece that I would whole-heartedly suggest to everything modern rock fan out there for Honeybadger has made a listen that feels cater made for all fans of the style, and it delivers on every possible level with the only lament of “Pleasure Delayer” being that it has an ending. If you think yourself any sort of rock fan, you would be doing yourself a true and undeniable disservice to yourself if you skip over this massively potent offering.

LISTEN to “Pleasure Delayer” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Honeybadger on Facebook here.

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