Verthebral – Abysmal Decay

The world certainly is a big place. It’s filled with close to three hundred different countries that cover just about every possible piece of legal land around the globe, and metal has somehow found its way into virtually every single one of them without hesitation or much trouble. When it comes to South America, I usually look towards Brazil for some decent thrash as that scene continues to do well for itself, but plenty of other countries have loads of other acts that are very much worth listening to. Case and point, it’s with their upcoming effort that Verthebral does not leave any survivors whatsoever.

Such a fiery and colorful cover like that is, surely, a solid hint that whatever material encased within is worthy of investigation with a tremendous glimpse at a vibrant, hellish landscape like that being no less than enticing for any sort of metal enthusiast. Without any sort of hesitation or even the slightest bit of mercy, it’s with uncompromising death metal that Verthebral commands with ferocious power that makes even just a few tracks off of “Abysmal Decay” such a treat to listen to even as their brand of chaos marches onward without breaking a single sweat to show us just how deadly it is. There is no such thing as a slow grind for this album as it’s every single track that’s included here is nigh on scathing in its essence as “Abysmal Decay” is a claustrophic album that does not leave any room for comfort nor recollection as Verthebral seeks to strangulate the listener in a fashion that’s both caustic and unrelenting. And it goes without saying that they succeeded stupendously! The whole of this album is an absolute onslaught of diabolical proportions and there is so much to sink our teeth into that it would be a damn crime if aficionados of the style were to pass this record by for any given reason, for it delivers at just about every turn and knows exactly how to capitalize at every single one of them.

Where Verthebral doesn’t astound and amaze with a wide variety of sound or a whole lot of sonic exploration throughout this record they easily make up for it in sheer ferocity in such a way that so many other bands try to do but constantly fail miserably at, but this band from Paraguay didn’t let that stop them to, ultimately, create a record that’s the epitome of such a concept. Death metal that does not leave much to the imagination and seeks to skin you alive with a burning blade, “Abysmal Decay” is something that needs to be heard for its true presence to be felt and it is not a work that should be underestimated by any fan of the style.

“Abysmal Decay” releases on December 27th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Abysmal Decay” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Verthebral on Facebook here.

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