Parallax – s/t

It’s long been my philosophy that metalcore gets way too bad of a wrap over the years simply because of some of bands that have been out there that have subsequently given the style a bad name for one reason or another. Every style, no matter what, have some real duds that can make any given style look like absolute shit should any given listener not want to find the good shit that’s out there which gives the style something worth listening to. Parallax is far from the best that I’ve seen from the world of metalcore, but they’re definitely an act that’s worth keeping an eye on for anyone who likes what the style can bring to the table.

I’ve long held the world of metalcore to pretty high standards given how well the style can be utilized from huge bands like Killswitch Engage to the up-and-coming ones like A Breach of Silence who have left an undeniable mark on my taste in metal when I was first getting into the genre itself. The balanced heaviness with respectful moments of reprieve, diverse vocals that when done right can bring so many different flavors to the table, and plenty of emotional crafts that can serve a great contrast from much of what extreme metal tends to bring forth more often than not. As I said, Parallax is far from the top tier of the style in my mind, but they nail every single one of those aspects with a very solid amount of force behind all of them. There are moments where I’d say that the clean vocals could use some tweaking as they feel a bit clunky at times, but overall, they do the exact job that they’re supposed to: providing a great contrast from the harsh vocals to give us two truly unique flavors throughout this little EP of just four tracks. Each one of the songs clearly have something to call their own whether one boasts a more melodic sound or another seeks to show off the real diversity of the vocals for all that they’re worth, and it’s throughout the whole of this EP that Parallax shows us that they can definitely pull off the sound quite well. Sure, there are a couple of minor missteps here and there, but they’re a very far cry from anything that I’d consider to be devastating for the band’s sound as they can clearly make it still work, and it’s by the end of this eponymous work that I’m truly curious as to what they’ll sound like given the proper amount of time.

Like many, many other acts of the style, there’s a lot of work to be done here before I can call the work something that really needs to be heard, but that doesn’t mean that Parallax has created something that is a work to be sneered at or even ignored in any capacity. This EP is, surely, just a glimpse of what this band is capable of and I can’t help but feel that it won’t be too long now before we can see really what they can bring to the table if just given the right amount of time.

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