Come Back From the Dead – The Rise of the Blind Ones

If you look hard enough – or even just look normally – you will see that the old school sound of death metal is still standing quite strong today even amongst all the innovation and progression that has been made in the style that makes up the incredibly diverse landscape we find ourselves in today. In my pointless opinion, it’s at the very bottom of the underground where you really see the bands holding the style up with immense fervor that can’t be put out. Come Back From the Dead is without a doubt a band that fills that bill fantastically, and it’s their new album that shows us just how much glory can still be had in the style.

The sure sign of a band that does the style justice is not one that can just replicate its sound, but make it feel original as well as intriguing to listen to as they don’t just listen to classic Death or Cannibal Corpse or whatever comes to mind to only then copy and paste. When I hear the bubbling plague that is Come Back From the Dead, I can’t help but pick out the distinct sounds of both old school Swedish death and its voracious American brother gelling together amazingly as this Spanish band craft “The Rise of the Blind Ones” out of the very bones of their decapitated enemies with deadly precision and never-ending power. It was with their previous EP that Come Back From the Dead caught my eye, and it’s with this full-length that they’ve fucking melted my brain instantly with these ten traumatizing lessons in pain and gore. There isn’t a single moment strewn throughout this album that “The Rise of the Blind Ones” doesn’t deliver absolutely monolithic riffs drenched in blood, vocals that could very well raise the dead along with the titular blind beings, and a speed that rarely ever dissipates as Come Back From the Dead has nailed the art of keeping a constant energy that never once gets boring nor feels overbearing. Somehow, probably through unholy incantations, “The Rise of the Blind Ones” brings that all together flawlessly to enact a black swarm of sheer death upon the world that can’t be denied, and those lucky enough to experience it might even find themselves in an oddly pleasing trance once the darkness takes them over for Come Back From the Dead” is simply intoxicating.

It’s usually with a death metal record like this that I find myself picking out my favorite tracks after a few listens and just counting the moments to them as I let the whole album play out, but it’s here that I could not but be excited about every single morsel that Come Back From the Dead keep throwing my way. Even hours into it, there are very few elements of “The Rise of the Blind Ones” that aren’t simply delicious and it’s with everything else surrounding that with which this album becomes a fucking devastating piece that demands to be heard.

“The Rise of the Blind Ones” releases on September 13th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “The Rise of the Blind Ones” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Come Back From the Dead on Facebook here.

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